What is apollo?

We are a society committed to training, mentoring, and connecting highly qualified sophomores wanting to pursue careers in finance. We seek to cultivate our member's passion for financial markets by staging weekly market discussions, and also by holding instructional lessons teaching fundamental accounting and valuation. Our members will actively manage a fictitious equity portfolio, student-led, in-class stock pitches. Ultimately, our goal is to foster and train a network of individuals with a strong foundational skill set that prepares them to enter a high-impact career upon graduation.

organization structure

Apollo is broken into eight market sectors each headed by a sector leader. Each sector will be responsible for researching, analyzing, and presenting stocks to buy or sell within their respective sector. The leadership team is comprised of a President, Vice-President, and a Portfolio Manager. Leadership positions will be filled by experienced upper class men who have already had a reputable summer internship. 

Kennedy is a freshman program that meets weekly starting in the Spring semester. This is an organization that acts as an intro to the financial markets and is for any freshman who wishes to pursue their interest in finance or accounting. Kennedy students are not ensured admittance into The Apollo Society. 

Kennedy Program

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